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Used NDT Equipment

Used NDT equipment offers cost effect solutions via offering high quality used NDT equipment.

If you are looking to buy or sell any used or new NDT equipment please visit our website

How do we do it?

NewGen NDT technology includes hardware and software which enables our user to capture multiple areas of key data electronically. This data can be used in order to make the production process more efficient and cost effective.



What do we do at NewGen NDT Ltd?

Design bespoke Penetrant Process Management systems which maximise the capacity and quality of production whilst giving the customer cost savings.

Benefits of the digital penetrant process management system

Digitalisation of Penetrant process

Real time data tracking of components in penetrant process

Control statistical data covering quality & production runs

Remote access from any location within the facility (system has to be on the same network for remote access)

Centralised location for all Penetrant testing documents

Reduces human error

Generate & review reports for defects

Email reminder notification for key events

No licence required

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